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The Hyphenated Servant

A Creative Outlet for Someone Trying to Find Her Way

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I have been hyphenated since before I was a thought, when African-American and Caribbean-American came together to form me. Singing, painting, photographing, and writing have vied within me for eminence since I was young, and I never quite felt comfortable calling myself a singer, or a painter, or a photographer, or a writer. Still don’t. But a hyphenated creative? A black photographer-singer-writer-artist who follows whichever creative wave swells within her? Ah, now that I could understand. That I could grasp.

This site is my little experiment - a way to feed all the different creative parts of myself while serving the world. Right now, I'm obeying my impulse to photograph the world around me, and I hope you enjoy my ever-growing gallery of prints, organized by color. Who knows what will crest within me tomorrow, though, but I am a hyphenated servant, and I bring a Christian perspective but hope my thoughts can resonate with you, regardless of what your spiritual experience has been.

Thank you for coming alongside me on this journey, and please feel free to reach out!

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